PHECC First Aid Instructor Course

To become a FAR instructor, you must have a CFR instructor course completed and hold a recognised certificate. You must have a three day FAR course completed in date and must be able to demonstrate knowledge in this area.

The only exemption of the FAR three-day course is that the potential learner is a PHECC recognised practitioner and must demonstrate that their license is active and CPG’s up to date.

First Aid

First Aid Instructor Course aim:

The aim of this First Aid Instructor course is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitude to train others to be First Aid Responders.

First Aid Instructor Course Objectives:

At the end of this FAR Instructor course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence with the prepared clinical course content, critiqued by the course director.
  • Demonstrate competence in the use of the teaching and the audio-visual material provided and technical skills in the use of the product.
  • Demonstrate presentation skills.
  • Demonstrate appropriate class management skills adopting adult learning techniques.
  • Demonstrate appropriate assessment skills using the PHECC material and processes.
  • Demonstrate good verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate a mature level of interpersonal skills to develop a good faculty/student/instructor rapport.
  • Demonstrate effective time management skills to ensure delivery of the entire learning package within course time constraints.
  • Understand the role of PHECC documentation, standards and examination processes.
  • Demonstrate assessment and evaluation in accordance with the course specific requirements of PHECC.

First Aid Instructor Course Certification:

In order to become certified as a PHECC FAR Instructor you must assist on two First Aid Response Courses before being finally assessed by Kelron. Kelron is a PHECC Recognised Training Provider.

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    In the unlikely event of a course failing to reach any minimum student number, you will be offered a full refund or a place on the next available course.

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