Pediatric Emergencies

Pediatric EmergenciesThe programme will enable learners to apply general first aid skills to any child in an emergency with the emphasis on practical skills which can be applied anywhere.

Delivery of this programme may be in-house or is offered on a public basis in venues around the country. The facilitation of the program will consist of a variety of lectures, practical demonstrations and student centred learning.

With duration of 1 day this programme may provide transfer to other awards.

Learner Profile
This programme is open to all learners specifically those who have a responsibility in child care and health & safety within their work environment.

How many will be in the class?
To ensure maximum participation and to enable each student gain the most out of the day, we are adopting the ratio of a maximum of 10 students per course.

What certification will I receive?
Successful students will receive a Paediatric Emergencies certificate.

It is our belief at Kelron, that people learn more when they are involved. We therefore will encourage each student to define their specific requirements and then design the course content where possible to address their needs.

What do I need to provide before the course?
You need to fill out the booking form which is available at the bottom of this page.

Paediatric Emergencies

This course is also flexible enough to allow us to tailor the content specifically to suit whichever group the course is presented to. If you have any specific requirements simply let us know when you book or talk to your trainer on the day.

1. Approach to an Accident
Assessing the Area
Making the Area Safe
Giving Emergency Aid
Getting Help Electrical Burns
Calling an Ambulance
Intro to Bandaging

3. Wounds, Bleeding & Trauma
Internal & External Bleeding
Treatment of Internal Bleeding
Types of Wounds
Treatment of External Bleeding
Various Bandaging Techniques

5. Burns & Scalds
What is a Burn or Scald
Types of Burns
Treatment for General Burns
Electrical Burns
Chemical Burns
Clothing on Fire

2. Disorders of Breathing & C.P.R
How do we Breathe?
Problems with Breathing
How does your Heart Beat?
Problems with your Heart
What is CPR?
Assessing the Casualty Croup
1 & 2 Person CPR
Infant & Toddler CPR
Choking (Various ages Where Necessary)

4. Fractures & Broken Bones
The Skeleton
Types of Fractures
Recognition of a Fracture
Treatment of Various Fractures
Soft Tissue Injuries (Sprains & Strains)
Treatment of Sprains & Strains

6. Medical Emergencies
Poisoning & Overdoses


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    In the unlikely event of a course failing to reach any minimum student number, you will be offered a full refund or a place on the next available course.

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