Data Protection

Kelron Health & Safety Consultants Ltd will use data generated from working activities in line with current Data Protection and GDPR 2018 Regulations.

Data will be kept for no longer than required and if requested all data about suppliers, inquiring companies and individuals, course candidates will be removed from all our systems. Learner’s data will be used for official certification and re-qualification purposes when required. Kelron Health & Safety will contact companies and individuals by email to keep you current and up to date with Regulations and reminders, and occasionally we may contact by phone.

The security of your personal information is important to us and Kelron Health & Safety will endeavour to deal with all data protection issues promptly and efficiently in line with our Data Protection Policy.

If you have any issues about the use of your personal data use, and are not satisfied with our response to your issues, you are free to contact the Data Commissions Office to take your complaint further.

Note – Kelron Health & Safety will never pass on your company or other personal data for marketing purposes, and you may unsubscribe from any of our lists at any time.

To view our full policy please contact

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